Top 10 Longest Suspension Bridges in the world

2.Xihoumen Bridge, Zhoushan, China(5, 413 feet)



The Xihoumen Bridge makes the last fraction of the expressway that unites the Zhoushan Archipelago to the mainland. The island that makes the Zhoushan Archipelago is well-known for the their stunning shores, fishery and the notable Taoist culture. The bridge unites Cezi Island to Jintang. Zhoushan is also renowned for the Mt. Putoshan Scenic place, near which is a Buddhist temple. To reach the bridge, you will be pleased to cross two stunning bridge and a railway tunnel.
How to reach:
To reach Zhoushan, you can fly from Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, and Tianjin to Zhoushan Putoshan International airport. And then you can move to Lidiao- to Fuchi Island, by means of the Zhoushan Expressway. Then you can take the train to Cezi Island, from where you can trip the bridge.

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