Rich Chocolate Fondue

It’s hard to go wrong with chocolate in a fondue recipe, isn’t it? There are so many variations, but sometimes just plain chocolate works best.
Makes 1 1/2 cups of fondue sauce

Cooking + Prep Time: 40 minutes
1 tbsp. of cabernet sauvignon
2 tbsp. of sugar, granulated
1 tbsp. of butter, softened
8 oz. of chopped chocolate, bittersweet
1 cup of cream, heavy
For dipping: biscotti bits, cleaned strawberries and cubes of pound cake
1. Mix butter, chocolate, heavy cream and sugar in micro-wave safe bowl. Microwave for a couple minutes.
2. Remove mixture from microwave. Whisk quickly. Add wine. Whisk once more.
3. Transfer to fondue pot. Turn up flame to keep melted.
4. Serve with biscotti bits, pound cake cubes and strawberries to dip in chocolate.