DADGUM Good Brisket

Take away the fear of smoking brisket with this amazingly easy Dadgum Good Brisket recipe.

Serving size: 6

Overall time: 5 hrs. 10 mins.

• 1 beef brisket of about 6-7 pounds, trimmed of fat
• ½ cup spicy brown mustard or to taste
• ½ cup beef rub or to taste
• Beer as required, for basting and bath
• Apple juice as required, for basting and bath


1. Mix together spicy brown mustard and beef rub. Rub this mixture all over the beef brisket generously. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

2. Remove from the refrigerator an hour before smoking.

3. Place foil in the water tray. Add hot water, apple juice and beer to half fill the water tray.

4. Preheat the smoker to 225°F following the manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Lay the brisket with its fat side facing down. Smoke the brisket for a few hours. After 2 hours of smoking, spray apple juices every few minutes until done.

6. Smoke for 3-5 hours until the internal temperature reaches 165° F. Remove from the smoker and wrap in a towel.

7. Set aside for at least 30 minutes (1-2 hours would be ideal). When done, unwrap, slice and serve with BBQ sauce (optional).